TransFueler M-Series

Patent-Pending Modular Fueling System

Gas, diesel, or jet fuel or avgas. 

This system of 110-119 gallon tanks feeding a single pump, is available in steel or aluminum.  Allows for transporting fuels without needing a DOT406 tank. 

Unmatched versatility, with standard fork pockets & lifting rings. 

Up to Eight Tanks

Need to carry a little, or a lot? 

TransFueler M-Series are available with a single 110 gallon tank, up to eight individual tanks. All are mounted on our exclusive custom designed steel platform, which also provides minor spill containment. 

The Secret Weapon!

Why multiple tanks, but one pump? 

Federal DOT regulations limit certain fuels to 119 gallons or less per tank when being transported.  TransFueler M-Series mounts tanks to a common platform, but does not interconnect the tanks.  We have a "jump hose" that quick-connects to each tank as needed. You draw fuel out of one tank at a time, then switch the jump hose to the next tank to draw fuel from it.  The tanks are simply co-mounted on a single base, but in no way are connected together. 


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