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If you're an ag equipment or implement dealer, let's talk.  Your customers can save time & money with TransFuelers keeping their machines going steadily.  

We've got everything you need to offer your customers safe & convenient on-site and in-field refueling. 

Heavy Equipment

Sell to the construction industry? 

Your customers probably spend time waiting for a fuel truck to show up, and also incur substantial per-trip delivery charges. 

By offering them a TransFueler, they can dramatically reduce both time & expense.  

No more wasted downtime waiting. Vastly reduced trip charges.  

Typical investment recovery on a TransFueler is less than 18 months, and often less than a year.


TransFueler Aviation mobile refuelers are the leading choice in small to mid-scale aircraft fueling.  

Models for jet fuels and avgas, from 200 to 2,000+ gallons. Helicopter & fixed wing, including single-point systems.

Also available in cart & bowser styles.

Exclusive aviation dispensing system, engineered for safe & efficient use. Defuel option available.

Additionally; TransFueler models for ground service equipment and vehicles. 


  • A great, complementary product that helps your customers save time & money immediately.
  • Regional protection / exclusivity
  • Unmatched product variety
  • Wide range of options
  • Excellent profit potential
  • Industry leading innovations
  • TransFuelers are Made In America

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